Becoming our partner with a few easy steps.

Partnership Process


Partnership is open to organizations, companies and individuals.

To become a partner send a read-reciept email to ethics [AT] from an authorized representative for you, your company or organization with the subject line: “Partner Permission” and the following text in the body of the email:

“I grant the Practical AI Ethics Alliance the non-exclusive right to use [my/our] logo, mark, or likeness (“Logo”) on the Partner page of the Alliance Website (“Website”). I also grant the right to mention [myself, my company or organization] as a partner in communications (“Communications”), such as, but not limited to, blog posts, podcasts, articles, interviews, press releases, and emails.”

Please replace [my/our] with “my” if you are an individual or “our” if you are an organization/company. Replace [myself, my company or organization] with the appropriate designation as well.

Please include your full name and title in the email.




There is no partner fee for partnership with the Alliance at this time.


Revoking Partnership

You may also revoke our right to use your logo and cancel the partnership by sending a read-receipt email to ethics [AT] from your authorized representative with the subject line “Revoking Partner Permission” and the following text in the body of the email:

“I wish to cancel the partnership with the Practical AI Ethics Alliance.”

We will remove your logo, mark or likeness from the partner page and cease using your name in communications as a partner from that date forward.