Alliance Mission

Mission Statement

Version 20191211-001

The Practical AI Ethics Alliance’s mission is to help organizations:

1) Craft practical AI ethics standards that are actionable for their data science and engineering teams

2) Create a framework for ongoing auditing and management of AI decision making and AI anomalies/errors

3) Outline clear methods for crafting both triage and long term solutions for AI anomalies/errors

4) Train a PR/Customer service team for how to respond to AI errors with customers and the general public

5) Adopt privacy and data sharing policies that protect people’s personally identifiable information

6) Move towards openness with algorithms, datasets and models

7) Develop ethical ways to release or withhold AI technology with dual use potential

8) Outline ways to responsibly report security vulnerabilities with AI systems and models

Alliance Partners are encouraged to join working groups within the Alliance, to further the Alliance’s mission, and to adopt the Alliance’s principals of openness and transparency in their own organizations, and with their customers, at their own discretion.